August 20 – With swamp shoes at the Tourism meeting

August 20 – With swamp shoes at the Tourism meeting

The tourism meeting will be held for the fifth year, this year on August 20 in Ergli. This is an event where Latvian tourism professionals and amateurs will come together to demonstrate active tourism skills and give everyone an opportunity to try different types of active tourism.

Few people know that in the depths of the forest of the Ergli region there is the Road of Millions, and a little further – the completely inaccessible Palsu swamp. We will go straight to the Palsu swamp in bog shoes to enjoy the untouched natural landscape and swim in one of the many bog lakes.

The central venue for events and meetings is the platform of the former Ergli railway station – the center of active tourism “Ergli Station”. The complex is an ideal training ground for endless challenges and experiments in nature, where other outdoor activities will also take place, more information can be found on the website

📌 REGISTER FOR THE EVENT by filling out the form here. A collection of tourists is organized, and all income is sent to the Zivu Gani Association. Gift cards cannot be used for this event. If in doubt, write an email to or call +371 27855850

Description of the trip

  • Event duration: ~ 3 hours
  • Meeting place and time: registration and receipt of coupons for lunch at the Ergli station from 9:00, the bus to the beginning of the trip to the Palsu swamp leaves at 10:00 from the station.
  • Cost of participation in the hike: 20 euros (gift cards cannot be used)
  • You should wear: shoes that cover the ankle (we recommend trekking boots or rubber boots).
  • Included in the price:
    • Bus from the station to the swamp and back
    • Lunch at the station
    • Preparation of the walking route
    • Delivery and rental of bog-shoes

How to get there

It is best to go by car. Click the link to open the destination coordinates in the navigation app when using waze maps or google maps.

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