Bogshoeing and wild hiking

If you are looking for an unusual landscape and longing for silence, head to one of Latvia’s bogs. While in some European countries natural bogs have almost disappeared, you will be able to enjoy walks full of silence in pristine bogs in Latvia. No cars, people, bells and whistles surrounding you. It is the best antidepressant in the world and a great place to recharge.

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Walking in swamps and bogs in bogshoes is exotic, environmentally friendly and, of course, practical. Guided bogshoe hikes help you learn many new and fascinating facts about the nature, origin, flora and fauna of swamps. The recommended duration of a bogshoe hike is about 2 to 4 hours; this creates a nice atmosphere and fills you up with new-found knowledge.


Bogshoes are like snowshoes – except you wear them in bogs when there is no snow. Bogshoes have been used to walk on wetlands throughout the times. These footwear allow us access to the places where it is hard or even impossible to reach by foot.

What makes it especially great is that bogshoeing does not require any special knowledge or skills. It is simple and suitable for people of all ages who can move around by foot.

Did you know?
Bogshoes are estimated to date back ca 6,000 years. On the other hand, it is believed that bogshoes existed before skis which are considered to date back 8,000 years. So which came first, skis or bogshoes?

Features and amenities:

Languages spoken:

Number of participants:
Maximum number of participants: 70

Further information:
Length/Distance: 2-7 km
Duration: 2-8 hours

Suitable for children

Trekking boots with waterproof membrane or rubber boots are required.

Our team of nature guides

Kristaps Kiziks

Geographer and passionate nature discoverer, who in 2015 introduced snowshoe hikes in Latvia. On a daily basis, he organizes active and exploratory hikes, while in his free time he searches for routes where to go in nature and not meet crowds.

Maris Olte

A biologist, a journalist, a man – nature and now also the head of the Ērgļi railway station, who will be happy to show you the surrounding forests and swamps, make coffee at the station, and tell you about birds and fish. Everyone in Latvia knows Māris, many have grown up watching his TV shows.

Irina Sietina

Having studied geography and forest ecology, she puts her knowledge to use every day by going out into nature, leading groups in Latvia and abroad. With joy and enthusiasm, everyone will be offered the necessary dose of adventure to create memorable moments.

Ieva Kalka

A geographer, an environmental expert and a mountain climber, who in our team represents the western part of Latvia – Kurland, leads hikes for groups of students, work teams and hen parties.

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