Hiking Regulations

Hiking rules

1.1. Choose hiking clothes that are comfortable, breathable and relatively warm, as well as waterproof shoes (trekking or rubber boots). In case of rain or snow, choose a waterproof windbreaker, do not take umbrellas with you. Dress in layers which can be added or removed based on weather conditions and activity, if needed.
1.2. Hiking takes place in specially protected nature areas, so be careful with the environment and bring only photos and impressions from the area you visit!
1.3. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages during and before the hike. It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages during and before the hike. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
1.4. Do not step on wet trees and rocks or on unstable surfaces. Do not climb on branches, stumps, and other objects that could damage your equipment when moving with bog/snow shoes.
1.5. When approaching water bodies (lakes, bog rivers, etc.), take personal safety into account and do not overestimate your abilities. Take care of yourself, your children and do not endanger yourself or any other participants and property.
1.6. If you think you will not be able to overcome the particular obstacle, please inform the guide who will help you overcome it.
1.7. Carefully follow the guide’s instructions as well as the other safety rules that the guide will inform you before the hike!
1.8. Each person is responsible for they safety during the route, Ltd. “Purvu bridēji” does not exclude the risk of injuries and accidents during the expedition.
1.9. Minors may participate in the hike provided if they are accompanied by at least one parent who has full responsibility for the minor.
1.10. “Purvu bridēji” Ltd. is released from liability for injuries and other damage to the life, health and property of the participant.
1.11. By personally signing up for the Participant’s Registration Form or paying for the service / hike provided, the Participant certifies that:
1.11.1. unequivocally agrees with these terms and conditions and undertakes to abide by them;
1.11.2. the participant who has reserved the equipment for the group, undertakes to provide safety instruction and familiarization with the rules of the Hike for the other group members;
1.11.3. grants the rights to Purvu bridēji Ltd, or to authorize third parties, to take photographs, videos and other sound and visual information of the participants, as well as to collect, store and process information on the participants’ text, sound and visual data media. Purvu bridēji Ltd. has the right to use the above information and data in advertising campaigns. Copyrights, distribution rights and other proprietary rights in the photographs, recordings and other information obtained are the property of Purvu bridēji Ltd.

Booking procedure

2.1. Familiarize yourself with the Hiking rules.
2.2. Apply for a hike on info@purvubrideji.lv indicating:
the route chosen, the date, the number of participants, the size of the shoes and the discounts applicable (for pupils / students).
2.3. You will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice, payable within the invoiced term, but no later than 1 day before the start of the tour.
2.4. The booking / entry fee is non-refundable.
2.5. Changing the booking date costs 50 EUR (if a free date is available).
2.6. By prior arrangement, the entry fee may also be paid on the day of the hike.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the FAQ.

Hiking difficulty scale

Difficulty level Explanation

A hike that is usually suitable for anyone who enjoys walking. The route is usually less than 4 km. Suitable for older people and children from 6 years. This is the simplest of our itineraries and is suitable for families with children or high school students as well as those who want to experience the magic of untouched mires without much physical exertions.


Moderate hiking is usually suitable for beginners who want a little challenge. There will be some obstacles in the area, such as fallen trees or wrecks. The route is usually 4-7 km long. Suitable for older people with active lifestyle and children aged 8-10 years.


Moderately difficult hikes will be suitable for active participants with hiking experience. For beginners, older people and children up to 10 years old this route is usually tiring. There will be obstacles in the area, such as fallen trees or wrecks, places to cross ditches or streams. The route is usually 7-10 km long.


NA serious hike that will challenge most participants. The hike will usually be longer and more difficult. Usually more than 10 km. Not suitable for older people and young people under 16.

Extreme (very difficult)

Only well-equipped and well-prepared participants should try very difficult hikes. The hike will usually be long and difficult, it can include looking for the right route.

We do extreme hikes only upon your request.

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