October 31 – with bog shoes in “Kurzeme Minotaur Labyrinth”
Pargajiens Ruksu purva

October 31 – with bog shoes in “Kurzeme Minotaur Labyrinth”

Ruksu bog is not only a mire with an interesting name (in Latvian means pig bog), but also the only concentric mire in Latvia – in view just like the Minotaur Labyrinth (mire lakes are arranged in a circle from the center of the mire to the edges). This is our TOP 3 route, which is not difficult, but very saturated with fun and nerve-wracking places. The lakes of the bog here are especially deep, but the water is warm and gentle. Although autumn will be in full swing, in sunny weather you can still cool off in one of the lakes. There is a car park on the side of the bog and a path leads to the bog, so you will not have to wade through the bushes. By the way, a geocache hide is waiting for you in Ruksu bog.

As always, experienced guides will help you discover the secrets of the swamps and bog-shoes will allow you to get to where it would otherwise be difficult or even impossible. This will also be a great opportunity to collect cranberries, which are now especially delicious.

The hike is easy – the carpet of moss will be flat, but the foundation will still be soaked that in some places even waves will form. Yes, dads with brave children will have something to enjoy here, at the same time the most cautious will be able to get around scary places. Age is not an obstacle if you are used to hiking. Bog-shoes are suitable for both adults with size 48 shoes and children from 5-6 years of age.

📌 APPLY FOR THE HIKE: by writing [email protected]
(indicate number of participants, shoe size and contact telephone number)
If you have any questions, call +371 20120101

Description of the hike:

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Difficulty level: easy (for beginners)
  • Meeting place and time: at 12:00 in the parking lot near Ruksu bog
  • Closing time: around 15:00
  • Participation fee for the hike: 20 EUR; 10 EUR (7-17 years). Sign up for the newsletter and receive a 10% discount.
  • Bring: snacks and drinking water
  • Wear: hiking shoes or rubber boots
  • Costs include:
    • Preparation of the hiking route
    • Delivery and rental of bog shoes
    • Many years of experience, knowledge and support of guides

Getting there

By car: click on the link to open the coordinates of the destination in the navigation application, if using waze or google maps, or using coordinates 57.599250, 22.361833

What it looks like in a bog:

* By participating in the hike, you agree to the publication of photos on the social networks of purvubrideji.lv.
* The hiking regulations can be found here.
* The route leads through protected nature areas

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