February 9 – Night hike with snowshoes

February 9 – Night hike with snowshoes

You can also go hiking with snowshoes at night, it will be scary and cool at the same time. In the moonlight or in the light of flashlights, we will loop between small and large pine trees. Maybe we will also meet a pair of bright eyes. The hike will take place in any weather conditions, with or without snow, but of course we hope for a snow-covered pine forest and bog that will sparkle in the flashlights.

Thursday evening at At 19:00 we meet at the parking lot near the Ķemeri bog. The hike will last ~3 hours (rest and photo breaks included). The route is circular. We will provide you with snowshoes, but if you have your own, please write, we will give you a discount.

📌 APPLY FOR THE HIKE: by writing to e-mail info@purvubrideji.lv or WhatsApp +371 20120101

Features and amenities

  • Duration: ~ 3 hours
  • Skill: easy
  • Location: at 19:00 at parking area on the edge of the Great Kemeri Bog
  • Closing time: at 22:00
  • Participation fee for the hike: 25 EUR; 10 EUR (7-17. years old). Guide services and bog shoe rental are included.
  • You should bring: a flashlight, snacks and a warm drink
  • What to wear: winter boots or hiking shoes that cover the ankle to support snowshoes

Getting there

It’s best to go by car. Click on the link to open the destination coordinates in the navigation application when using waze or google maps or using coordinates 56.895306, 23.534028

What does hiking in the Great Kemeri bog look like

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