February 20 – Snowshoeing on the battlefields of the Stompaku Marshes

February 20 – Snowshoeing on the battlefields of the Stompaku Marshes

The Stompaku bogs are a unique area with natural resources and cultural heritage. During the Second World War, partisan settlements were established in the Stompaku bog, which were among the largest in the Baltics. Let’s take into account at least a 4-hour hike and 8 kilometers, which will be through the swamp on snowshoes between the labyrinths of lakes and along forest paths. Discover a new route with us!

As always, a guide will help you uncover the secrets of the swamps, while snowshoes will take you to places where it would otherwise be difficult or even impossible. This will be a great opportunity to explore snowshoeing, hike the animal trails, and possibly get to know the forest animals.

The hike is intended for active participants who like long hikes and challenges, so they must be in good physical shape, and the recommended age for participants is 15-55 years.

📌 RESERVATION OF A PLACE OF PARTICIPATION: write to info@purvubrideji.lv
(indicate the number of participants, shoe size and contact phone number)
For all questions call +371 20120101 (calls and WhatsApp)

Description of the hike

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: easy (experienced hikers), moderate (beginners)
  • Distance length: in a swamp on swamp-going vehicles ~ 6.5 km, in total ~ 8 km
  • Meeting point and time: at 12:00 in the parking lot at the Berzkalne stage
  • End of the event: around 17:00
  • Participation fee for the hike: 20 euros; 10 euros (7-17 years old). Subscribe to the newsletter and get a 10% discount.
  • Bring: Snacks and Drinking Water
  • Clothing: winter boots, hiking boots, or warm rubber boots.
  • Costs include:
    • Preparation of the walking route
    • Delivery and rental of snowshoes
    • Years of experience, knowledge and support of guides
    • Weather permitting, a photo gallery for memory

How to get to the meeting point?

By car: go to Berzkalns: the parking lot is located near the parish council and stage. Click on the link to open the coordinates of the destination in the navigation app if you are using waze or google maps, or using coordinates 57.103194, 27.347167.

What it looks like in the swamps of Stompaku:


In accordance with national restrictions, hikes are conducted in GREEN security mode:

  • Adults must present an EU digital certificate of vaccination or illness;
  • To attend events, foreign guests must present a digital certificate of the European Union about COVID-19. The validity of the certificates can be checked at https://covid19sertifikats.lv/verify.
  • Children aged 12 years and older must present a certificate of vaccination, certificate of overdose or certificate of analysis or laboratory certificate of negative screening test;
  • Children under 12 years old do not need a certificate, but a visit is possible only with an accompanying person who can present a valid certificate confirming the vaccination or illness;
  • There should be no persons on the territory who are in self-isolation, home quarantine or isolation, or with signs of a respiratory illness.
  • In places where crowds are possible, a physical distance of two meters between households should be maintained, if this is not possible, a face mask should be worn.

About hiking

We organize individual group hikes and mass events. The maximum group size for private events can be 50-70 people, depending on the route chosen. For more detailed prices, see the PRICES section. Individual solutions are also possible.

Snowshoes are designed for shoes with a length of 19 – 34.5 cm (size ~ 30 – 47).

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