December 4 – Along the animal trails in the Great Pelecare Bog

December 4 – Along the animal trails in the Great Pelecare Bog

In this adventure, we will go to Latgale with bog shoes to see animal trails, small pine trees and bog lakes. The bog is located between Jēkabpilis and Rēzekni, in front of Teicu bog, which is the largest bog massif in Latvia.

The walk will be circular. As always, we will help you discover the secrets of the bogs and the bog shoes will allow you to go where it would otherwise be difficult or even impossible. This will be a great opportunity to learn about hiking with bog/snowshoes, overcome the fear of swamps/bogs in a comfortable and safe way, have a great time in nature and listen to fascinating stories.

The hike is intended for active participants who like challenges, so you must be in good physical shape and the recommended age for participants is 8-60 years. Age is not an obstacle if you are born to go hiking.

The event is held in Latvian with the possibility of translation into Russian and English. The number of participants is limited! Trekking boots with waterproof membrane or rubber boots are required (let us know if you want to rent).

Features and amenities

  • Duration: ~ 4 hours
  • Skill: moderate
  • Location: at 11:00 at parking area on the edge of the Teicu bog
  • End of the hike; at 16:00
  • Participation fee for the hike: 20 EUR; 10 EUR (7-17. years old). Guide services and bog shoe rental are included.
  • Bring snacks, a warm drink and a flashlight.

📌 APPLY FOR THE HIKE: by writing
(indicate number of participants, shoe size and contact telephone number)
If you have any questions, contact us via whatsapp +371 20120101

Getting there

It’s best to go by car. Click on the link to open the destination coordinates in the navigation application when using waze or google maps or using coordinates 56.539730, 26.566679

What does Great Pelecare Bog look like?

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