Bog-shoe Hiking Tour at Kodaja bog



This is one of the longest and most difficult routes. You can find some crazy good places in the bog and maybe even get to Estonia. The nature will be wilderness with many lakes, wide landscape and intense nerve-racking places, and the hike is quite long (~ 11km). Please evaluate your abilities and hiking experience. The route passes through protected nature areas, it is not marked in nature and is not intended for walking without a “Bog-shoeing” guide.

Trekking boots with waterproof membrane or rubber boots are required.

Features and amenities

Moderately difficult hikes will be suitable for active participants with hiking experience. For beginners, older people and children up to 10 years old this route is usually tiring. There will be obstacles in the area, such as fallen trees or wrecks, places to cross ditches or streams. The route is usually 7-10 km long.


7-10 km


from 5 hours to 2 days


150 km from Riga near the edge of the Kodaja Bog


All year


A natural raised bog (90%), forest trails (10%)

Languages spoken

English, Russian, Latvian

Bog shoeing trip can be varied with the length of the route and the duration of the hike from 5 hours up to the 2 days.

Getting there

It’s best to go by car. Click on the link to open the destination coordinates in the navigation application when using waze or google maps or using coordinates 57.944947, 24.783330

What to bring

You should wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Take swimwear and camera with you. And don`t forget high spirits!

NB! For groups we can design a private programme that best suits your wishes, time limits and budget!

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